Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yes, Mom, 20 Years later and I still collect rocks.

Aside from weekends in Xalkidiki, today I got caught in the middle of a Sports induced riot. It became a risk to cross the street.. due to motorcycles and crowds.. so I crossed the street. In the midst of my crossing an English speaker asked what was going on, I was able to translate Greek to English with the other members caught in the streets. An incredible accomplishment. Upon crossing, I ran to my apartment building and grabbed my camera. The results are presented above. I'll have you know I had to work for these photos, specifically the ones of the police. It's illegal to photograph them you know, unless you do it from behind poles and bushes. Of course, upon reaching the point when they noticed me, the quick, " I was just viewing pictures at eye level" move came into play, and I promptly walked home. What great opportunities there are for photography here. I suppose everywhere, but today was a great day for such things. If I only knew what team everyone was so enthused about... I forget. Paok black and white, Arsis yellow and black.. OpA! who is blue and white?

Has anyone seen my rock bucket? After the age of 3 I seem to have lost it.

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