Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hang on, does this have alcohol in it?

I spent the weekend at the beach. I am spending this coming weekend at the beach. More specifically, I am spending the weekend in a lounge chair by the mediterranean at a cafe/bar literally serving myself and friends at waters edge. Dahling, if jealousy weren't so awful...I'd almost shame any without envy. This is the part of Greece people think of, its uncommon to hear of the cities. It's too common to hear of the islands and historic structures. While wonderful.. these things are such a small part of Greek beauty. Try mountains, valleys, roads carved between - now this is a common beauty. At any rate, the beaches beauty may make up for its landscape size proportion to cities.. mountains.. etc, etc, etc. Even my bath water isn't so clear. So incredibly gorgeous, a picture simply won't express. I dare say predicaments like this are frequent lately, when life and experiences get too unreal to properly remember in a picture.

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