Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do your dirty words come out to play when you are hurt?

Last night I attended my third live show in Thessaloniki. I tell you, each time it is such a different experience. This band, Jane Doe, produces music with an interesting appeal. The lyrics and melodies have a subtle and enticing sound up until the climatic moments of each song where a true Rock sound comes out. Though I am not sure how the band would take this description, I feel like they are somewhat of an underground rock-indie sound. The myspace link below should allow for your own judgments, though no matter what the description I feel any listeners will be compelled by the songs. My favorite song ,"Le Petit Prince" (this is the name of the first French book I ever read as well) but the last night's crowd favorite was ,"Flesh Police" Dare you not to get it stuck in your head. During the song, "Flesh Police" a back-up vocal is done by the very talented Panos - who is the guitarist. And despite Panos' disagreement in my making this claim, Panos' talent as a live singer is of a stronger note than that of the lead singer's in the bands he plays in. However, his talent as a vocalist is matched only by his talent as a guitarist and it appears he cannot do both at the same time. Can't or Won't? Panos did however do a Portishead cover song where he sang, and videos were obtained which will only be released upon consent of the appropriate party members. Never said anything about photographs though. Make no mistake, Moss (the vocalist) has a voice which indeed fits the sound of Jane Doe and in no way disturbs the band's potential for success. Some of the other band members are involved in a separate band - Vain Velocity, which I have yet to see. While Jane Doe's talent is of no question, the venue's talents as a good host might be. I attended with the hope of being able to take some decent photographs, but the stark lighting made it impossible. At any rate, the sound and acoustics did not seem terribly affected and the band still received a sizable amount of applause and audience members dancing along to the music. Of all my favorite "air instruments", the most interesting has to be the "one arm air drum". Get it girl! The photos above are a collection from last night's performance as well as a separate night terrorizing the city. This Thursday, I am attending a show by Funky Monkey, a band recently signed to Universal Records in the U.S. and who's guitarist (John) I also saw at the Deniro concert a month or so ago. It is my understand that because of John's involvement in Professional Sinnerz, a Greek hip hop band, he and the upcoming Funky Monkey have reached a semi-celebrity status. Who knew, a Greek celeb would serve me drinks? Congratulations to the success of all the bands that I have seen so far, and those I have yet to see - truly my small involvement in the music scene of Thessaloniki only enhances my experience. Ah, what pride to see those I call friends on stage. Like a momma duck.

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