Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Egyptians walk like normal people.

This one will be quite short. My observations in Egypt are as follows:
I enjoyed it more so in the financial aspect, because it is such a poor country, it felt more accessible. At the same time, in a cultural way, it is incredibly inaccesible. Those that know me well enough, my Mother in particular, know from elementary school I've had a strong opposition to injustice. This is proven by a bathroom incident involving myself and a third grader. So, one might understand how deeply I felt the oppression of women in Egypt. A strong believer in, "Anything you can do, I can do better," I constantly felt the need to influence a change in one way or another. I think through my experiences thus far in life, I've figured out that any human rights work I might fall into would have to have something to do with the education and empowerment of the female status in societies. Education, in my opinion, is key. I have reason to believe I am backed up on this aspect by many scholars - as well as the Millennium Development Goals. These goals were set out to help improve the lives of those living in still developing countries, some of these goals include education and status of women, ending poverty, reducing child mortality.. improving child health. I don't wish to say this intentionally as an insult, but rather a hard observation. At the hotel for example, it was clear that the women working were completely inadequate intellectually. It wasn't about the language barrier, it was a genuine lack of knowledge. I did get used to the head coverings, and had expected them... but found it difficult to get used to the "ninja style" where nothing shows. NOTHING. Wearing all black, gloves included, women see out of mesh eye slits. I wonder what this feels like? I wonder, had I grown up in this society, and let's say not been exposed to tourists or any other outside world - would I even notice the injustice? I am sad to say, that even being the stubborn ass that I am, I do not think I would. This is a depressing thing, you nearly wonder why we as women aren't born with this innate instinct to knock men off their high horses, when they ride them. If given the opportunity, and the appropriate situation I would only ask of these women one thing," Are you satisfied this way?" Although I fear with what I have studied and learned about this religious practice, the only response I would get would be along the lines of being satisfied because the husband, children, and Allah are satisfied.

Today Varvara and I painted nails, I did hers.. She did mine. Anything to get this munchkin chuckling. We've made a new deal, everything I teach her in English, she gets too teach me in Greek.

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