Sunday, April 18, 2010

I got my youth, my feet, and my dreams.

Today was the Alexander the Great Marathon, right here in Thessaloniki. The smallest race I've ever experienced, there were about 600 participants - give or take 100. Of these participants, with the exception of a few elite athletes, there were only about 10 women. This completely baffles me, as in the states I feel there is a fairly even disbursement of sexes. As usual, not only was one "one of" the youngest participants, I was the youuuungest participant. Also, the only American. I met some interesting guys on the bus over and while waiting to begin. What I observed is that all of the "regular" participants look a little more than regular. Most were long time runners, training for bigger races. I guess the Greeks don't run as a whole, but those that do REALLY run. It was really interesting to be around such a large group of serious athletes. At races int eh states, there are elites, serious runner, and then those who just run for the experience. I did not meet any runners who were just there...nor did I find any that were using this race as their first. Including myself. That is such a nice thing to say, I guess i really am a marathoner. As for my time, I beat my last race time by 10 minutes. Funny part, I spent 9 months training for the last race, and did not train for this one at all. The most I had run was 6 miles, three weeks ago. Hoorah! At any rate I had a fantastic support team along the way. Two fabulous people braved the closed roads and detours of the unspectator friendly marathon and saw me in 2 spots. I've said it before, they will never understand how much that meant to me unless they themselves experience something like this. It's a complete mood-lifter to see familiar faces smiling back at you. Then, at the finish line were 10 people cheering me across the finish line. I hope that the race was a good experience for all who came out to support! Finally, I dedicated this race to "Greece and Peace in the Middle East". Made a t-shirt to go along with it and if you check tomorrow I will upload the photos on to this same blog.

Has anyone seen my knees?

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