Monday, May 3, 2010

Don't throw stones regardless of housing situation

As the weather gets increasingly warm, and continuously sunny, we are plagued with the consistent desire to be outside. Even for the least of outdoorsies, which surprisingly is no longer myself. In an effort to satisfy this desire, I volunteered on Saturday to go to a natural farm outside of the town of Edessa and do a small amount of work while also learning about natural farming. Ok, natural farming as an idea is nice. It is simple, minimalistic, and offers its advocates a zero cost in production benefit in most cases after a few years. This movement started about 20 years ago in Greece, from what I understand mostly at the hand of the man whose farm I visited, and is an effort to bring back the farming trade. It appears that increasingly farming families are dying out and selling their land for corporate and conventional jobs, while farming is taken over by large production companies capitalizing on quantity as opposed to quality. The method of the particular type of farming I witnessed is seed throwing. The farmer will take the balls of clay and various seeds which we created and simply throw them over the land. Whatever seed prospers of the bunch will grow there, which result in fig trees next to tomato plants, peaches to squash. The farmer only waters twice a year in the summer, otherwise the farm is left for nature's caring. The farmer himself was a... simple creature. He was very intersted in not only explaining his farming techniques, but also his way of life. Very.. very.. natural. He says the core of life is relationships with people.. the way he was talking at times I thought perhaps he'd say plants. I don't particularly find anything wrong with this man's very simple thoughts on life and its purpose, but as someone of some education in the good, bad, and ugly realities... a "simple" life stands more to be somewhat of a "fantasy" life. Though, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't consider it a fantasy.. naivety is not a fantasy to me. I wish I could remember more of his thoughts which expressed better what I mean, because I have no argument with relationships being the core of happiness, but for the life of me I cannot. I only remember a distinct impression of (as my mother might describe) "hokey" philosophies.
Following the farm we went into Edessa to see the waterfall(s). Pictures can show well enough, gorgeous. It felt nice to be near water again, sometimes I wonder if I should have been born with fins. And the smell.. so intoxicatingly fresh.

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