Monday, May 17, 2010

My Pen is a Pistola, Let Go of Your Fear

My apologies for the severe lack in writing over the last week.
Another quick note on the state of Greece, the bus tickets which were originally raised in price by 10 cents and limited to one bus use, have been changed as per demands of the city. We can now use the bus tickets once again within a set time frame - how many buses? Nobody knows - have at it! This is something to be pleased about.
Additionally, a few days ago a bomb went off in the Courthouse here in Thessaloniki. No one was harmed, as the officials got a tip on the bomb and were able to evacuate the building. For those concerned, I am never in areas of target (such as government buildings) and if ever I am in the vicinity, I feel assured I am safe. The goal of the anarchists is to create attention, not hurt people, hence the tips. So, as long as I evacuate if I am ever told I will be just fine. Please have no worries, Thessaloniki is a safe and wonderful city - how wonderful to live in a place where self expression is prevalent!
Might I also add that Thessaloniki was listed as the 3rd best city for nightlife in the world ( by some publication I have forgotten) however, since I cant reference that, I also found this - for those interested in a run-down of its appeal. Some of the other cities on this other list may surprise you! Tel-Aviv.. Dubai..

I spent this past weekend in Kastoria, a town from which my dear friend Tina's family is from. Though rainy, it was a wonderful trip and an excellent escape from the hustle of city life. I do, however, struggle saying that.. because I'm not much for escaping city life. How about this - IF someone wanted to get out of the city, Kastoria is a lovely place. Let's see if I can describe this aptly, the city is situated on the side of a lake. Nestled in between mountains, Kastoria, sits in a valley of serene scents and sounds. Only on the few blocks of loft apartment buildings, hovering above small shops, does one get the sense of any kind of hustle and bustle. The first evening we ate dinner at a taverna situated on the lake in Tina's small town, set just across the lake from Kastoria the "city." The second day we prompted her cousin George for a ride into the city, where of course the rain followed. However, once we found shelter, it stopped. I am quite fortunate to have such friends here that do not let bad weather ruin the potential for a great day, we enjoyed our day trip regardless of rain clouds. Furthermore, we enjoyed the evening. With one glass of sweet red wine each, a home cooked meal, and great attitudes we indulged in the ultimate evening of girl talk. Literally, the few topics that come to mind when thinking of "girl talk" were explored in depth times ten. It was "TMI", it was wonderful. Say what you will ( or even what I will ) about the catty politics of girl friendships, but take it to its core and what girls have the potential to share together as friends in life, is truly fantastic. It is so necessary to appreciate each other, we are far too similar to refuse to reach out to one another. We is Partnahs!
Finally, operation get back to fitness has commenced. Bye Bye gyros, I've got 3 weeks to look like me again. Greek curves, Greek Butt, it was nice visiting but I've got the t-shirt and I think I'd rather dwindle back to nothing again. The pressures of American society ensue!

There is a 4 story beer bong occuring as I type. I ask you why is "WOOOOOOHHHH" the appropriate response to all things. "WOOOOOOOH THE BEER IS FLOWING!" .. "WOOOOOH SHES CHOKING"... "WOOOOOOHHHHHHH THE BEER IS ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!"

Did I mention I went to Mt. Olympus - yeah, I could see why god's would live there, really great Panchetta.

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