Sunday, May 2, 2010

From high heels to the stanky leg..

As previously mentioned, Thursday night I attended a heavily anticipated album presentation by the ever rising - Funky Monkey. As with the last time I watched perform in a separate band, John Gamilis proved to be still an entertainer in every sense of the word. While I have my reservations about the quality of his voice for the songs he is singing, I have no reservations about his ability to swing a crowd. Perhaps this is a more popular technique than I have made myself aware of, but I am consistently warmed by his habit of walking off stage - guitar in hand, and playing throughout the crowd. With a confirmed, "adorable" grin on his face, John will stop and play directly in front of a random group of people. If that doesn't connect you to someone you see as a *star* in one way or another.. I cannot say what will. Of course, the man sweats like no other, so I'd also say that anyone who uses the statement, "I was so close I could smell the sweat".. could have been standing in the bathroom. The band has a camaraderie on stage that presents a friendly atmosphere to the audience, I find that when the band members interact within themselves, it not only shows a bond to the audience but also instills in them an idea that perhaps the band would just as easily bond with you. Doesn't everyone just want to be with the band? It may have been where we were standing, but I did feel the sound system orientation was slightly off, too loud this, overbearing that, but I am in now way informed enough to report an opinion on that. The concert was great, atmosphere rocked ( pun intended ), the crowding was extraordinary, and despite a 3 hour deaf aftermath, I will always appreciate my ability to stand right at the front of the stage. Funk on.
Attached is a video of someone U.S. song throwbacks that got the crowd screaming, well perhaps just a few members of the crowd. All of their music is original, but there are a few good riffs of covers here and there. Also is attached is a picture of my new butter melter, used for cookie making and good times Charlie Brown.

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